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Welcome to Steadfast Insulation and Drywall Ltd, your premier choice for top-notch insulation and drywall services in Pickering and its neighboring areas. Our skilled team is committed to delivering unparalleled solutions for all your insulation and drywall needs. From expert insulation installation to meticulous drywall repairs, we take pride in achieving impressive outcomes that ensure energy efficiency and superior protection for your property.

With an unwavering focus on customer satisfaction, we strive to create comfortable and efficiently insulated spaces, establishing ourselves as the preferred option for reliable and proficient insulation and drywall services in the Pickering area. Choose Steadfast Insulation and Drywall Ltd for all your insulation and drywall requirements and experience the transformative impact of our expertise.

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Dedicated Expertise: Residential & Commercial Projects

Residential Insulation & Drywall Services

Steadfast Insulation and Drywall Ltd in Pickering offers a comprehensive solution for all residential insulation and drywall needs. Whether you’re contemplating revitalizing your attic with sustainable cellulose insulation, looking to make your unfinished basement cozy with efficient spray foam insulation, exploring eco-friendly insulation alternatives for a new addition, or requiring high-quality drywall installation and repairs, our team possesses the expertise to ensure your project’s success.

For homeowners, renovators, and residential contractors: At Steadfast Insulation and Drywall Ltd, we take pride in providing a seamless blend of quality and service. From the initial consultation to project completion, our commitment is to ensure your insulation and drywall needs are met with precision, care, and professionalism. In the dynamic world of home improvement and construction in the Pickering area, trust Steadfast to enhance the comfort and aesthetics of your space.

Commercial Residential Insulation & Drywall Services

Steadfast Insulation and Drywall Ltd in Pickering stands as the ultimate source for all commercial insulation and drywall endeavors. Whether your commercial space requires state-of-the-art cellulose insulation, cutting-edge spray foam insulation solutions, environmentally conscious insulation alternatives, or expert drywall installation and refinements, our experienced team is ready to deliver results that not only meet but exceed industry standards.

For business owners, property managers, and commercial contractors: At Steadfast Insulation and Drywall Ltd, we understand the unique challenges and intricacies of commercial projects. Our promise is a fusion of quality, efficiency, and adherence to timelines. From planning to final inspection, our dedication remains unwavering — ensuring your insulation and drywall needs are addressed with unmatched professionalism and expertise. In the bustling realm of commercial development and renovations in the Pickering area, rely on Steadfast to elevate the functionality and finesse of your establishment.


Steadfast Insulation and Drywall Ltd excels in providing unparalleled insulation solutions for both residential and commercial spaces in Pickering. Prioritizing energy efficiency and impeccable workmanship, we ensure your environments are warm, secure, and of top quality. Count on our experienced team for all your insulation essentials, guaranteeing exceptional results every time.


Spray Polyurethane Foam (SPF) Insulation is an advanced insulation method known for efficiency, adaptability, and sustainability. Predominantly made of polyurethane, this two-component blend expands on application to create a seamless, airtight shield. It adheres effortlessly to surfaces, filling gaps and crevices while sealing out air and moisture. Beyond its thermal qualities, which ensure consistent indoor temperatures and reduced energy usage, it also acts as a noise barrier and enhances structural integrity. With its eco-friendly benefits, including reduced carbon emissions through minimized heat loss, spray foam insulation is ideal for residential, commercial, and industrial spaces in Pickering, offering enduring and energy-efficient insulation solutions.


Batt insulation is a versatile and classic choice favored in Pickering’s homes and businesses. Comprising pre-cut panels or rolls made from materials like fiberglass, mineral wool, or cotton, batt insulation provides numerous benefits. Offering excellent energy efficiency, temperature balance, noise reduction, and potential savings on climate control costs, it’s an ideal choice for walls, floors, or ceilings in Pickering.

Understanding batt insulation’s strengths empowers you to make informed decisions for optimal thermal effectiveness, creating a cozier and energy-saving space.


Also known as loose-fill insulation, blown-in insulation employs a unique application method. Comprising tiny particles or fibers like cellulose, fiberglass, or mineral wool, it’s applied using specialized equipment that blows or sprays the material into the desired location. This method is perfect for filling cavities, nooks, and challenging spaces, ensuring a seamless thermal barrier. Frequently used in attics and floor cavities in Pickering, blown-in insulation enhances energy conservation, reduces heat transfer, and boosts indoor comfort. Its adaptability allows it to mold to irregularities and bypass obstructions.

Renowned for air-tightness, thermal regulation, and soundproofing capabilities, blown-in insulation is a top choice for retrofitting older buildings and insulating new projects, providing adaptability, efficacy, and affordability.


At Steadfast Group in Pickering, we excel in expertly removing outdated or compromised attic insulation. Using advanced tools and drawing from extensive experience, we promise a thorough removal, mitigating health hazards and energy drains caused by aged insulation.

Facing issues like mold or pests? Thinking about an insulation upgrade? Count on our proficient technicians for a smooth resolution. As a homeowner in Pickering, trust us to revamp your insulation, ushering in a safer, energy-optimized space. Our unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and top-tier service distinguishes us. We aim to enhance your home’s comfort and cost-efficiency. Don’t let old insulation diminish your home’s potential. Rely on Steadfast Group’s specialists. Reach out for a tailored consultation and experience our consistent commitment to superior service.

Premium Drywall Installation



Steadfast Group is Pickering’s premier destination for top-tier drywall installation, taping, and mudding services. Our core lies in delivering unparalleled craftsmanship, transforming spaces with impeccable walls. Our seasoned team provides precise drywall installations crafted to your specific needs. From minor touch-ups to expansive projects, we ensure perfect taping and mudding, promising a seamless and pristine outcome. With a keen eye for detail and a relentless pursuit of perfection, trust Steadfast Group to elevate your home or business environment.

Our Offered Drywall Services:

  • Drywall Installation 
  • Drywall Taping
  • Mudding


Diagram illustrating the sequential stages of insulation and drywall installation during construction.


SPRAY FOAM BATT BLOW IN RIGID FOAMEssential BenefitsDIY tipsInstallation LocationCharacteristicsExpanding foam expands in sizeduring the curing processWalls, ceilings,overhangs, duct worksand other hard-to-reach areasSuperior insulation, air sealing, and moisture control properties.Cover and protect nearby surfaces,wear protective clothing,follow instructions.Puffy strips composed of glass fibers, optionally featuring a paper facing.Walls, ceilings, andfloors for thermal andacoustic insulation.Effective thermal andacoustic insulation at anaffordable cost.Avoid compressing orflattening the batting asit diminishes the Rvalue.loose cellulose orfiberglass materialblown into attics.Attics and wall cavitiesSeamless coverage, fills cavities, and provides effective thermalinsulation.Maintain consistent thickness and Seal any air gaps before installingsolid foam boardsWalls, roofs, foundationsand crawlspaces.High insulation value,moisture resistance, andstructural stability.Cut foam panels accurately and.Secure foam panels tightly and seal any gaps effectively. Comparing Insulation Characteristics:


In Pickering, Steadfast Insulation and Drywall Ltd. is at the forefront of delivering energy-conscious solutions that are both beneficial for the environment and your pocketbook. We’re excited to introduce the specialized energy efficiency rebate program exclusively available to our Pickering clientele. Whether you’re a homeowner or a business owner, take advantage of substantial financial rebates by transitioning to eco-friendly insulation and implementing energy-optimizing upgrades.

Our dedicated team, well-versed in Pickering’s unique needs, is adept at understanding the program’s specifications. They seamlessly facilitate connections with approved energy auditors, ensuring a streamlined process. Once your audit is complete, trust our skilled Pickering crew to address all your insulation requirements, ensuring compliance with the rebate program’s standards.

By partnering with Steadfast in Pickering, you can amplify your savings while advocating for a sustainable future. Seize this opportunity to enhance your space’s energy performance. Reach out to us today and embark on Pickering’s journey to superior energy efficiency!

Premium Drywall Installation


At Steadfast Insulation and Drywall Ltd. in Pickering, we understand the financial considerations associated with insulation and drywall projects. That’s why we’ve joined forces with Financeit, a trusted name in home upgrade financing. Through our collaboration with Financeit, we’re delighted to offer adaptable and user-friendly financing plans to ensure your insulation and drywall tasks are accessible and budget-friendly. Experience the benefits of competitive interest rates, flexible repayment schedules, and a straightforward application process. Whether you’re aiming to upgrade your insulation or enhance your interiors with impeccable drywall work, Financeit is here to simplify your financing needs.

Our specialized services encompass:

  • Attic insulation extraction
  • Attic blow-in insulation
  • Spray foam insulation
  • Fiberglass batt insulation
  • Safe ‘n’ sound insulation
  • Vapour barrier setup

Answers to Your Common Questions

We provide a comprehensive array of services in Pickering, including residential and commercial insulation installation, drywall installation, repairs, finishing, and texture services. Our team of professionals ensures excellence in every project.

Selecting the optimal insulation type for your property depends on various factors, including your property’s age, construction style, and specific energy-saving goals. Our team offers complimentary consultations to assess your requirements and recommend the most suitable solution.

Dedicated to sustainability and eco-friendliness, we offer a range of insulation products, including spray foam, batt, and blow-in options, all designed to meet the highest environmental standards. Among these options is HFO (Hydrofluoroolefin) spray foam insulation, a high-performance thermal barrier material for buildings and structures. This variant of the well-known SPF (Spray Polyurethane Foam) insulation employs HFOs, compounds with lower global warming potential (GWP) than older foam blowing agents like HFCs (hydrofluorocarbons).

The project duration varies based on the project’s complexity and scope. For instance, drywall installation in a small room may take only a day or two, while larger projects involving insulation might require more time. We provide estimated timelines during our initial consultations.

Certainly! We stand by the quality of our work. All our insulation and drywall services come with a warranty, ensuring the quality of our workmanship and the materials used. Specific warranty details will be provided upon request or during our service discussions.


Ali Fara
Ali Fara
We hired SteadFast Group for insulation and drywall installation for our recent renovation project in Markham. We were happy with services and support. They also have helped us to get rebate from Canada greener home. we do highly recommend this team to everyone in this area.
Hadi Alinouri
Hadi Alinouri
I am so pleased with the service and professionalism of the staff. Workers on site worked diligently. They guided me through each step of the process in removal of the old insulation, Vapor barrier. Ensuring the roof was not damaged with water leakage and then installation of new insulation, Vapor barrier and drywall installation. Thank you Steadfast Insulation!
Farhad Salehi
Farhad Salehi
The installation process itself was smooth and efficient. The skilled Insulation team from Steadfast Group worked professional. They utilized top-quality materials, which became evident as the project progressed. I also hired them for drywall and taping, their attention to detail and commitment to achieving optimal insulation performance and clean drywall finish impressed me. Highly recommended!
tara eimoori
tara eimoori
I encountered a minor issue with the project schedule. The team arrived slightly later than expected in the morning, which caused a delay in the start time. While this delay was not significant, it did disrupt my plans for the day. When it comes to Attic installation itself, the team demonstrated their commitment to delivering a quality outcome. Overal good service.
aman surepally
aman surepally
I contacted Steadfast Insulation and required same-day spray foam insulation. They provided me with a reasonable price, promptly scheduled the project for the same day, and completed the job within 6 hours. They began at 3 pm and remained dedicated until 9 pm to ensure its completion. The application of spray foam on my walls and ceiling in a new-built setting was executed excellently. The professionalism of their staff was evident, and I am pleased with the outcome. Without a doubt, I will consider hiring Steadfast Insulation again for future projects. I extend my gratitude to them for a job well done!
Ali Fahimi
Ali Fahimi
Installers from Steadfast Insulation and Drywall were great in topping up my attic insulation, and spraying foam insulation on the addition part of my house. Great job, quick, clean and without impacting quality. I even had a minor issue with some plumbing work which required one section to be missed but they were willing to come back to complete the work without any issue. Highly recommend them
saeed domirani
saeed domirani
Excellent work. Professional team, they made me feel confident that they would do a great job, and they did! The sprayfoam insulation on my Cathedral ceiling was done in one day and they cleaned the job before leaving, I highly recommend Steadfast Insulation and Drywall Ltd.
Rose Abidi
Rose Abidi
Overall great experience. The crew were efficient and left no mess. The whole insulation project (parking) from beginning to end was done in Four hours. Very reasonable pricing. Highly recommend STEADFAST for your next project.
Zaidan Contractor
Zaidan Contractor
My entire experience was great! I did my homework and found that Steadfast provides the best value & bang for your buck. Very helpful and responsive. They were quick in responding to my request for a quote in less than one day. Great time management skills and they finished the whole house in less than one week! Super professional , I would strongly recommend.
Saira Mercado
Saira Mercado
One of the best contractors I have worked with, their price and rates are always fair. They have friendly team☺️, last but not least they finish the job on deadline. I highly recommend. 👏👏👏



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